Flexible and adept with a sure sense of style.
The stuff that dreams are made of.
Andrea Weber has a background in advertising and, like everyone else at SprachWeberei, has worked in the area of texts and translations for many years. And that with a passion. For working with language is a very personal matter for us. Our entire experience with and enthusiasm for words and text flow into every translation. We are only satisfied when the resulting copy is perfectly tailored to the requirements and needs of the client and conveys the intended message in a coherent, attractive and surprising way.


Plant-lovers, mountain-climbers, bookworms, cinema aficionados – our team is a mixed, multi-talented bunch all woven together by a passion for good language. It’s not just the people at SprachWeberei, but also our network of freelance associates, with whom we’ve worked closely for years, that defines the artistry of what we do. They guarantee that each text is perfectly tailored to the client’s requirements.

  • Latino soul and exuberance
  • Language-lover and poetry romantic
  • Art, artists and other delicacies
  • Verdi, Puccini, pasta and a glass of “Mille e una notte”
  • The ancient olive trees at the heel of the tricolour boot and my Fiat 500
  • My dogs, stray dogs, shelter dogs – and lots of volunteer work for the Italian animal rescue charity KORUNERA
  • LUCERNE is fasnachtic!
  • Ristretto – black as night, please
  • Direct and hard-hitting
  • Snowboarding and bodypump
  • Sci-fi admirer, true to the motto
    “A (hu)man’s reach should exceed his grasp”
  • Self-proclaimed cat whisperer
  • See YouTube as a source of knowledge
  • German in my mind, Swiss in my heart
  • Never lost for a word – whether in German, English or Spanish
  • Winti: a village with the advantages of a city
  • Loquacious
  • Analytical
  • Nuanced
  • Glossy
  • Ubiquitous
  • Acrostical
  • Grumpy
  • Eloquent
  • Nitpicky proofreader with a passion
  • Freelance with charm
  • Linguistically versatile style fanatic with microtypography fetish
  • Music transcends everything – loud and kick-ass, the lyrics meaty and polished
  • Cat-crazy stage animal with extensive guitar collection
  • Cult DJ with his own “Psycho Radio Show”
  • “Carnival is all year round!”
  • Turn of phrase – timeless and eternal fashion
  • Bagaholic
  • Macarons à discrétion
  • Sun, sand and enticing cocktails
  • Series junkie
  • Sport is wellness
  • Strength in stillness
  • On top of the world – lookout-point seeker
  • The golden midday sun
  • The whisper of the wind in the trees
  • The delusions and confusions of Commissioner Adamsberg
  • Fascinated by the richness and roots of the French language
  • Accurate to the last comma
  • The tides of the Côte de Granit Rose
  • A coffee? Even better accompanied by a small piece of chocolate
  • Language is understanding
  • Polyglot
  • The early bird doesn’t get the worm
  • Irony is a virtue
  • “Federal Bern” meets Montparnasse
  • Wine is my cup of tea
  • The unbearable lightness of appearances
  • Stingy is not sexy
  • La vie à la «Mediterranée»
  • Explorer, seeker of meaning, treasure-hunter
  • Lightness of being – Latin dance
  • Creative movement
  • Champagne – tingling, refreshing
  • Great works – cinema and books
  • Net(t)working – weaver of webs
  • Cioccolato – dark, melt-in-the-mouth
  • Spring child
  • Always a reason to laugh
  • Chica ibérica all’italiana
  • Music, the world’s secret language
  • Mieux vaut forcer l’attention que passer inaperçue
  • Spanish film humour
  • Bianca, Décolleté, Pigalle et Elisa
  • My little prince… Aleksej
  • Galápagos: giant tortoises, iguanas – and home
  • “One must travel to learn.”
  • In, under and on the water
  • Amok Trei, Bun Bo or Som Tam: Southeast-Asian street food
  • Romantic soul with a thirst for exploration and a fascination for mountain panoramas
  • Poetry by Pablo Neruda and cinema by Wes Anderson
  • Home is family – across cultures and continents
  • To write is to think

Interested, committed and motivated?

Creative native speaker? Part-time copywriter? Freelance advertiser? Journalist in active retirement? SprachWeberei is always open for speculative applications. Whatever you have to offer, we’ll be pleased to read it. Just drop us an e-mail with a brief motivational statement, naming your desired discipline and including a few relevant points from your CV. Thank you!



How to find us:

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Telephone +41 44 289 30 30


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